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2013 Parma, OH Sat June 22 - Sun June 30

"What do you stand for?"

Sports? Family? Fun? World peace? Church? The poor? Grades? Myself? Nothing?
The answers to that question are endless. But a person’s ultimate answer says it all. About themselves, their priorities, their possibilities, and even their destiny.

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click here -> to email John (strong on spirit, weak of the arm guy on the right) for WC info

John Breen, WC 2013 team lead, email above or call, 240.422.5273 (BTW parents...John is not as young as he looks...)

Cost: $400 per person. $200 deposit due by March 15, balance by May 15. We will be FUNdraising to offset the addt'l costs (transportation, hotel, Wed dinner, etc).

Hey BTW - we're planning on stopping by Cedar Point (only the roller coaster capital AND best amusement park in the world...) on our Saturday return for a full day of riding roller coasters...c'mon and join us!!!

2013 WorkCamp meetings take place the 2nd Sunday of each month, 11:30am-12:30pm @ MVC, lunch provided.
Feb 10
March 10
April 14
May 12
June 9

All: Register for the WorkCamp2013 text messaging service (texts and emails are how ALL information is distributed). Click below for the Web signup Link (100% safe, totally secure):


2012 Rushville, IN July Sat 7 - Sun 15

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Here's our WC2012 Photo Album on MVC's facebook page.<- click for pics

Coffee runs to McD's...awesome swimming pool...Same State concert and ol' fashioned family-style bbq on Wed afternoon...Dasha and Dan getting Insane and Diggin' Deeper with Shaun T in the Gym every afternoon...great time at State Park on the way back to MD...Rushville gets to go through the green door, but Rush doesn't...

Allie E off to UMBC - go Retrievers!
Zach R on guitar...everywhere!
Dan builds his first wheelchair ramp!
Scott P feels right at home, having grown up and gone to school (sort of) nearby!
Cole P says just the right thing every night at group devotions!!! Rub some bacon on it...
Amanda S sings and creates art!!!
John B is just plain awesome!
Dasha breaks the record for consecutive WorkCamps by an MVC adult female!!!

2011 Grand Rapids, MI July Sat 9 - Sun 17

Taylor "Bucky" Britton (Ohio State) and Matt "S'mooth" Bernoi (Salisbury University) are off to college...see ya at Christmas!

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LINK TO -> pics of WorkCamp 2011 on Dan's fb

We're back! WorkCamp2011 was, as always, AWESOME! 12,000+ hours of service, 450 people (largest camp this summer), 1200+ canned items collected!

We're staying "connected", how 'bout you? Thanks to everyone who supported and prayed for us! We are committed to "Remain" in the Vine, we're just branches - and we want to produce fruit for God's Glory!!!! Can I get an "amen"?

Hack - sack - meatballs!!! memorable quote

Got a nickname? We'll come up with one for you...and Mickey "Chieftain/Pipiopi" Bernoi will give it his blessing...

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Stay "Connected"..get your blue "Connect" wristband...ask a WorkCamper!


POLL: Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame for our return trip on Sat July 16th - whadd'ya think? Cost will be $22/person...

Restaurant.com cards have been selling great! Keep up the good work!


Sunday May 1st - Pre-Mother's Day Bazaar at MVC (our big fundraiser...)...be there...

UPDATE: We raised, with a little help from our friends, almost $1200 at the P-MD Bazaar!!!

Sunday April 17 - great meeting! The Herbert cats got in the way, but we played some awesome "Kinect" free-for-all, and continued to focus on what's important...service, and people...

Our WC2011 team

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/facebook logo.jpg links:

Mickey Bernoi

Matt Bernoi

Katherine Boersen

John Breen

Taylor Britton

Wil Dorsey

Allison Emmerich

Dan Herbert

Dasha Kern

Nicole Klarecki

Makayla Rexroth

Nicole Ringel

Brian Semkiw

Nancy Sealover



2010 July 09 - 17, 2011 - Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Here's our WC2010 Photo Album on MVC's facebook page.<- click for pics

Our WorkCamp tradition continues in the summer of 2011 with a week-long mission adventure in Grand Rapids, MI.  At camp, we’ll be joining with about 400 other teens and adults to minister to the people of Grand Rapids, doing needed home repairs and sharing our love and our faith with them all through the week. No experience is needed to be a Workcamper- you’ll be surprised at how much you can do! Now’s the time…  Huddle with your parents, talk over your summer options, pray about your decision, and if you decide to register for Workcamp, plan for a life-changing experience!

Watch the Video -> Building, Repairing, Relating

Prayer Request and Scripture we'll be focusing on..

Mon 7/26 - John 5:19         myself

Tue 7/27 Luke 23:48-50     my friends

Wed 7/28 James 3:13-18     my family

Thur 7/29 John 6:47        my faith

Fri 7/30 – John 6:66-69      my future

Also, please read this "re-telling" of Jesus' parable of the progidal son (Luke 15:11-32)...it's from Philip Yancey's book "What's so amazing about Grace?"

Click here for the story

ITINERARY for 7/24 - 8/1
Depart MVC on Sat. July 24 8am (arrive no later than 7:30am)
Sat 7/24 night: La Quinta Inn Knoxville TN West
258 North Peters Road Knoxville, TN 37923
Phone: 1-865-690-9777
Sun 7/25 - Sat 7/31 morning: in Birmingham, AL (see link to Camp Information Form below)
Sat 7/31 night: Wagstaff lake house (Chester Wagstaff and Jackie Henderson)
998 Poplar Creek Rd, Bracey VA
P: 434.636.2036 (use this number cuz' cell phones don't get much service at the lake house...)

Return to MVC:  Sun. August 1st about 10pm

Link to -> "WHAT TO BRING"
Note: Cell phones are allowed; HOWEVER, texting/calling/other is NOT allowed during program times OR work hours. Just a heads-up...don't make me take that bad boy away from you...

Camp Information Form
<- click for lodging facility in AL, camp voice mailbox, MVC Adult leaders phone numbers, etc.

WorkCamp Manual <- click for more info than you could possibly want on what NOT to bring, sample menu, sample programs, etc. 

We need to raise about $1200 more...
Our FUNdraising and expenses
Overnight hotel on Sat 7/24 expense = $420
T shirts expense = $390
7/9/10: $1,020 The WorkCamp-Out! <- click for pics (expenses = about $500)
7/4/10: $183 Bake/Soap/Bracelet Sale
6/27/10: $188 Bake Sale, $600+ for "Natural or Neon"!!!
6/13/10: $595 raised at the CarWash <- click for video...way to go..be...wash...whatever
6/6/10: $321 raised at our first Bake Sale! Way to go Renee, Matt and everyone who helped bake and man (and woman) the Sunday table...

Here's our team (names with underlines are facebook links)
  Keegan Alldredge
  Alyssa Everett (bow-er)
 Makayla Rexroth (stayin' cool...)
  Matt Bernoi
  Allison Emmerich   Nicole Ringel(artist)
  Katherine Boersen
  Dan Herbert
  Renee Ringel
  John Breen (mtn biker)
  Nicole Klarecki
  Susan Smith (out of the zone)
  Taylor Britton (Taylor 2)
  Cole Pattison (Wii expert)
  Kelly Terry (skydiver)
  Wil Dorsey (dancer...)
  Scott Pattison   Caitlin Thayer (texter)

and Taylor Vallandingham (aka Taylor 1)

...and all of us UndeSERVEd...

$ Click here to go to Online Giving $
Note: After you create an account, under "Gift Information" there will be a "Tithe" drop-down box...click on the down-arrow to bring up "WorkCamp 2010"...thanks! Donations made without goods or services returned are tax-deductible.

Previous WorkCamps attended by MVC

2012 - "Made" Rushville, IN

2011 - "Connect" Grand Rapids, MI

2010 - "Undeserved" Birmingham, AL

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/WorkCamp09 NC744.JPG<- Rocky Mount, NC 2009

Here's our WC2009 Photo Album on MVC's facebook page.<- click for pics

2009 - "Reveal" Rocky Mount, North Carolina

2008 - "Live OutLoud" Savannah, Georgia

2007 - "Renovate" Aurora, Illinois

2006 - "Full-Service" Buffalo, New York

2005 - "Living Inside Out" Sarnia, Canada

2004 - "Build To Last" Delaware Bay, Delaware

2003 - "Diving Deep" Kennebec, Maine

2002 - Morristown, Tennessee

2001 - Concord, New Hampshire (Dan's 1st WC)

2000 - Racine, Wisconsin

1999 - Savannah, GA

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/DSCN0004.jpg<- click here to email Dan (old guy on the left) for info