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From my buddy Kyle in somewhere way south, VA...50 parenting tips you won't them. do them. love the,.

April2012: link to My son no longer believes in God article/advice ...Right now, more than anything, he needs love and encouragement. Keep sharing your faith, keep God in your conversations.

March2012: link to HomeWord Good Advice for Parents newsletters...great stuff (family devotionals, advice, culture briefs) for parents from Jim Burns and the HomeWord team...

Nov2011: link to "The Source for Parents"...Helping Parents Build Relationships and Teach Biblical Values, a website maintained by Jonathan McKee...good stuff...

Fri Jan 7, 2011: A message from Dan
New happenings are happening! Admission time...I've not been successful as your kids Youth Leader this past year, and have simply tried to "maintain" what worked in the past...that's not working NOW for your students, or for you...they and you deserve better. Thanks to some AWESOME parents and encouragers, we will (this Spring) begin laying/building the foundational pieces of a SUSTAINABLE, long-lasting youth ministry. It's gonna take time, and it'll take a village, and it'll take you, the parents, the "stakeholders".  Youth ministry is not an event, a program, or a superstar's a process. And we're going to start at square here's what I'm asking for - your prayers, your investment, and your patience to build (NOT DO) a "ministry that deeply impacts students, families, and the wider community"...and to be prepared for the mess...more later...much more...
love y'all

Some thoughts and encouragement from Pastor Eric at Grace Community Church (a buddy and brother in Christ...)
"Parents - PLEASE don't be afraid to engage in a spiritual conversation with your teens. We are continually challenging and encouraging your students to share their faith & have spiritual conversations with people in their lives. But if they can't have one with the people who are closest to them, then it will be very difficult for them to have spiritual conversations with other people. Some great questions that you can ask your teens to begin a conversation are:
   *How has your day/week been?
   *What was the lesson about at youth group?
   *What have you been learning at youth group?
   *How have you seen God at work in your life lately?
   *How can I pray for you this week?
The important thing in asking these questions is to listen. Give them an opportunity to open up to you. But more importantly ... be prepared to share what you've been learning yourself, or how you've seen God at work in your life. Remember that conversations go both ways. And if you're going to ask how you can pray for them ... make sure you actually do pray for them. Then follow up with that prayer request later in the week and see how God has worked."