EDGE (grades 6-8) on Sundays, we join with the whole church family for music worship and announcements, then cut out about midway through the service. Together (usually about 30 minutes), we include hang time  (and some fun!) about our everyday lives, and where we see God in us, others, and in the world.

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MS EDGE (Sunday mornings for middle-schoolers)...We'll be starting back up Sunday August 26...

SUNDAYS at MVC "EDGE" - We use the (click->) "LIVE" curriculum from Group, a 2-yr plan for middle-schoolers...

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June 23-30 - Summer Mission Trip...love God, love others!
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MS Students
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Fun from the past...

Aug 18, 2012 - Tubing

NOV 18-20: click below for our photos on facebook

ALIVE 2011:Ignite

Nov 18-20

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/ALIVE2011 on the balcony.jpg/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Alive2011 Jordan 1000 tix again.jpg


Sep 2011 Awakening Music Festival a.k.a Mud-N-Music 2011!

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Edgers at AMF Sep2011.jpg/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Maddie Julie Jacob at AMF camp Sep2011.jpg

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Edgers at Sat nite AMF Sep2011.jpg

Feb 2011 - Wild and Wacky Cardboard Sled Derby

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/100_9966.JPG/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/100_9965.JPG

ALIVE (middle-school conference), Nov 19-21, 2010

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Alive Nov2009 008.jpg/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Alive Nov2009 163.jpg/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Camping Pics May2010 092.JPG

May 2010 Camping trip

/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Camping Pics May2010 084.JPG/files/Youth Folder/Youth Pictures/Camping Pics May2010 041.JPG

The Rare Millipede < click for the video

Parents info on Sunday morning "EDGE" teaching 
Mar / Apr 2011 - "Looking to the Cross"..a 6-part series focused on the Cross, and its impact on our lives.

Scripture from Romans 4:1-17, 5:1-11, Ephesians 5:8-14, Romans 8:6-11, Matthew 21:1-11, 28:1-10 

Jan/Feb 2011 - "A heart like God's"...focusing on lessons about God's desire to simply have us search for His wisdom, power, in a word, His Awesome-ness...

Scripture from 1Samuel 13:13-14, 16:1-13, 17, 24:8-19

Fall 2010 - Sunday EDGE lessons focusing on Matthew 22:37-40 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength".

Summer 2010 "Truth" series

Winter/Spring 2010, lessons/curriculum will focus on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We're in the process of asking the students to get a real handle on their understanding of “faith”, the different aspects of God, and start seeing themselves as the owner’s of their faith…we also mix in important “Basics” (The Bible, Prayer, Worship) to reinforce some of what they’ve learned or been exposed to as PromiseLand students.


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