welcome to Monocacy Valley Church

A place where you can meet some real people and start to make sense out of what God has to do with real life.  Monocacy Valley Church (MVC) is as real as your morning commute and a whole lot friendlier.  We are a congregation of the Reformed Church in America (RCA), which is the oldest Protestant denomination with a continuous ministry in North America.  We have been here since the earliest Dutch settlers came to the New World in 1614.   They traveled up the Hudson River and established the first Dutch settlement near present-day Albany, New York.  The Dutch placed importance on establishing the Dutch Reformed Church in North America with trained ministers, so ministers were among the first settlers.  In 1766, the Dutch established the oldest Protestant seminary in North America -- New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NBTS).  NBTS is located on the campus of what is now Rutgers University.

Even though we came here before the American Revolution, the Reformed Church has been continually reforming as we discern God's direction for us and for MVC.   Today, we are as ethnically diverse as the entire United States and Canada.  You can read more about us and our ministries on the RCA website.

we're a come-as-you-are church 

Come in jeans or business casual.  Bring your own coffee or have a cup on us when you get here.  Come if you've been a Christ follower all your life; come if you barely heard of him.  Come if you know where you're going; come if you're feeling lost.  Wherever you're coming from, we've been there too.  Come as you are!

what mvc is like 

Our focus will always be beyond the walls of our church.  That calls everyone at MVC to be involved in ministry to the community.  Our building buzzes Monday through Friday with parent groups, non profit workshops, county events, blood drives, color guards, basketball, indoor soccer, and a coffee house on the last Friday of each month.


what to wear 

We are a come-as-you-are church.  We believe that God cares more about your heart than externals.  We believe in being comfortable, no fashion show here. So come in your jeans or dress casual, bring your coffee or have a cup of joe on us. Come as you are!


what about the kids  

When you come in the front doors you will see signs directing you to the registration tables.  We want you to relax during the service knowing that your children are safe, having fun and learning God's Word in a creative and loving way.

We're glad you're here.

Who We Are

Monocacy Valley Church is a congregation of the Reformed Church in America (RCA).

We are the oldest Protestant denomination in North America with a continuous ministry.  We were born out of the Protest Reformation of 1517 (500 years ago!) as it was spread to The Netherlands.  We came to the New World in the early 1600s with Henry Hudson and other Dutch explorers.  We established the oldest seminary in the U.S., New Brunswick Theological Seminary, which is on the campus of Rutgers University, which was also founded by the early Dutch settlers.

Even though our history is long and deep, the Reformed Church has never rested on its laurels.  Today, our theme is "Transformed and Transforming."  You will find a very diverse denomination, both ethnically and theologically.  This is our strength.  Our root are deep, but we know that God is transforming us every day. 

How could the early Dutch settlers have imagined that one of their churches would be in Frederick, Maryland, hundreds of miles from where they settled in central New Jersey?  How could they have imagined that congregations would be established in the Iowa cornfields?  Or in African-American communities in New York City?  Or in Hispanic communities in Southern California?

We hope and trust you are looking for the same sense of maturity and risk-taking.